How Long Do I Have to File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

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worker with an injured wristLike any other situation after you suffer an injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim should be done quickly after your accident. Unfortunately, many people delay in acting, and this is something that can impact your ability to obtain compensation.

It’s vital to recognize why you must act quickly, especially when the benefits you deserve are at stake. The longer you take, the more problems you may encounter along the way.

Why It’s Important to Work Quickly

We recommend reporting your workplace accident as soon as you possibly can, typically within the first 30 days following the accident occurring. Reporting your accident quickly helps you start the claim process so you can begin receiving compensation quickly. Any delay can be used against you as workers’ compensation insurance diminishes the severity of your claim.

You should get medical attention first, though, as your health should be your top priority. Once you can, though, file your claim to start pursuing compensation immediately after your injury. The longer you wait, the harder it can be as medical bills and lost income can put you in a difficult situation.

How Long the Law Gives You

Although the statute of limitations is 6 years, you have two years to report a claim to your employer to receive compensation. This time limit protects you should your injury or illness manifest over time.

There are numerous obstacles that can arise within these two years, though, so it’s important to work quickly. In these legal situations, you should hire legal counsel that can help you meet the deadlines and file the necessary paperwork to pursue your workers’ compensation.

At The Previant Law Firm, S.C., we’re committed to your rights. Our Milwaukee workers’ compensation lawyers go above and beyond to help you pursue benefits you need to cover lost income, medical expenses, and other losses you may experience.

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