Which Injuries are Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

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worker with mental stressIf you suffer an injury or illness at work, you have various rights to pursue workers’ compensation. However, it’s vital to recognize that Wisconsin law defines an injury as mental or physical harm stemming from accidental damages, occupational diseases, and more.

Here are the different injuries or illnesses you may sustain that would allow you to recover workers’ compensation.

Physical Harm

Physical injuries that allow you to pursue workers’ compensation include hernias, sprains, loss of limbs, paralysis, vision loss, and more. Disfigurement, crushing injuries, and strains can also make you eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Mental Harm

When a traumatic event occurs and causes mental harm and emotional distress, you may qualify to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. If you don’t suffer physical harm, you must show that you still deal with day-to-day problems that impact your ability to do your job.

Accidental Injury

An accidental injury is just that: the harm that arises suddenly because of an accident. If you suffer an accidental injury in the workplace—physical or mental—you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Occupational Diseases

An occupational disease is something that arises because of exposure to something while you are on the job. For instance, exposure to chemicals can result in pneumonia, infection, or respiratory diseases. Repetitive motions can lead to hernias or ongoing back pain. These are occupational conditions that impact your ability to work and are considered eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

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