Defensive Driving Techniques

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woman driving safelyWhile it’s impossible to predict the actions of other drivers on the road, you should take every precaution possible to keep yourself safe. To do so, you should recognize ways that you can drive defensively to help avoid some of the potentially troublesome drivers who can cause you harm.

Keep in mind, these defensive driving techniques can help you stay prepared, but there are some acts of negligence that may be impossible to avoid. If you suffer an injury in a crash, you can hold the negligent party accountable, and our team will be here to help you.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe

  1. Prepare for an Accident: Of course, you never want an accident to occur, but preparation can help you avoid one completely. If you assume that someone will act negligently, you’ll stay ready. You should keep both hands on the steering wheel, focus on the road ahead of you and other vehicles, and pay close attention to any hazards for which you may have to slow down.
  2. Stay Far Enough Behind Other Vehicles: Some of the worst multi-vehicle accidents arise because people follow too closely. Make sure you give yourself space and time to brake should you approach traffic or a potential collision. You can’t predict when the driver in front of you will brake, so stay back.
  3. Keep Out of Other Drivers’ Blind Spots: If a driver can’t see you, they’re more likely to merge lanes and side swipe your vehicle. Never assume that another driver is checking their mirrors or turning their head to check a blind spot.
  4. Indicate Your Intentions Early Enough: If you’re trying to merge lanes or turn at an upcoming intersection, never wait until the last minute to indicate. Use your blinkers early so other vehicles have time to prepare for your intentions.
  5. Pay Close Attention at Intersections: Never assume someone else is going to obey traffic laws. If your light turns green or you stop at a stop sign for a long enough time, make sure you still look before making your move. You don’t want to encounter someone running a traffic light or stop sign, which can lead to a T-bone accident.

If someone is negligent, you can’t always stop an accident from occurring. In these situations, you need to protect your rights to legal action. At The Previant Law Firm, S.C., our Milwaukee car accident attorneys are on standby, ready to help you pursue the compensation you need.

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