What Do I Do When the Insurance Company Asks for a Recorded Statement?

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insurance adjuster and claimant signing papersThe insurance companies are supposed to be there when you need them after an accident. While your insurance company may hold true to their word, in an at-fault accident, you may need to go through the responsible driver’s insurance company to pursue compensation. Unfortunately, they’re not always willing to work with you to help provide you with the money you need.

The insurance company is determined to use many tactics to protect their own profits while limiting the amount they pay to you for your injuries. One of the tactics they may try to use is a recorded statement, and it’s vital for you to understand your rights when they call.

What the Recorded Statement is For

The insurance company will want to record the conversations they have with you so they can get a clear view of what happened. However, the recorded statement for them serves multiple purposes. While it helps them track the event, it also allows them to determine if there are any discrepancies in your recollection of the accident.

The recorded statement is something they try to use to turn liability away from their policyholder and onto you. For instance, if your story changes from your initial claim to the recorded statement, they may try to offer you less than you deserve or claim that you were at fault.

Your Rights When They Call

It may be intimidating to receive a phone call from the insurance company asking you to provide them with a recorded statement. You may be worried that what you say will hurt your case more than it will help. As such, you need to protect yourself at all times. You have the right to have an attorney present when answering the questions the insurance company may ask during a recorded statement.

Your attorney can help prevent you from saying something that may damage your claim and answer questions the insurance company may have. Make sure you let the insurance company know you want to have your attorney before answering any questions or providing a recorded statement.

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