Wisconsin’s At-Fault Car Accident Laws

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woman touching her head after a car accidentWhen you experience a car accident in the state of Wisconsin, it’s vital to recognize how the laws work and the ways in which they allow you to pursue compensation. Each state has a different way of operating when it comes to car accident claims and lawsuits, and there are various laws that you must understand regarding who you file your claim with after a crash.

In Wisconsin, car accidents operate on a traditional fault system, meaning that the person responsible for the crash is supposed to be the one who is responsible for the damages.

What if I Feel I’m Partially at Fault?

There may be situations where you feel that you had some sort of part in causing the accident. Many people think that if they played a role in causing the accident, they’re immediately disqualified from recovering compensation. However, laws in Wisconsin make it so the amount you contribute can diminish your claim, but not eliminate it completely.

As long as the other person was more at fault than you are, you can still work to recover compensation. It becomes vital to avoid certain actions after the accident that can impact how you’re able to move forward. For instance, if you apologize out of empathy, it’s easy for the other person to take that statement to his or her insurance company and claim that you were at fault.

If you feel you are partially at-fault, make sure the only thing you talk about with the other person is general contact information. Provide the details of your accident to the insurance company, and let the appropriate parties take the next steps to determine what to expect.

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