Spine Injury Recovery Percentages

The Previant Law Firm

Milwaukee personal injury attorneys explain how spine injury damages are calculated

If you suffered a work‑related injury to your spine that required surgery, you
will want to understand how the minimum percentage of permanent partial
disability is determined.

  • A disc procedure, usually called a laminectomy or discectomy, is 5% at each level.
  • A fusion procedure is 5% at each level.
  • If you have a disc and fusion at a particular level, that would be a minimum of 10% at that level.

If you have multiple levels fused, you will want to count up the levels fused and also the number of disc procedures that were done to determine the minimum percentage. For example, two laminectomies (disc procedures) would be a 10% disability. However, if you have two laminectomies and a fusion at each of the two levels, that would be a minimum of 20% (two discs and two fusion levels at 5% each).