How Does an Off-Duty Dui or Serious Traffic Violation Affect My CDL?

Frederick Perillo

Federal regulations disqualify a CDL holder for violations committed in his or her personal vehicle.  These violations include alcohol or drug convictions, but also other serious events, such as railroad-crossing violations.

A CDL holder must be disqualified if he or she is convicted of a drug or alcohol related offense in a personal vehicle, such as driving while intoxicated.

Alcohol or drug related disqualification is a mandatory 1-year disqualification for a first offense.  For a second offense, it is a lifetime disqualification.

A CDL holder is also disqualified if he or she is convicted of a second (or later) traffic offense that cancels, revokes, or suspends the driver’s license.  Serious offenses are now defined to include driving 15 mph over the limit, reckless driving, erratic or improper lane changes, following too closely, and any violation that leads to a fatality.