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Fringe Benefit Funds: Subrogation

Car accidents, slip and falls, work injuries, illness, etc., can happen to anyone at any time. Medical bills and wage loss add up in a hurry. Fortunately, insurance and health and welfare funds can help with medical bills and wage loss. However, when someone is injured due to the fault of someone else or due to work, those expenses should be borne by the responsible party, not the health insurance or the health and welfare fund. Insurance and health and welfare funds have the right of subrogation to get reimbursed from the responsible party. While it can sometimes be difficult to identify and recover subrogation claims, The Previant Law Firm, S.C. provides legal assistance and services to do just that for many clients. Whether or not the injured person pursues a claim for damages, insurance companies and health and welfare funds can and should. Subrogation is the way to do it.