Retirement and Low Back Degeneration

Jack Davila

After a lifetime of bending, twisting, turning and lifting, employees in jobs requiring these activities find themselves at retirement wondering whether their sore backs, including occasional pain down the legs, are caused by their work. Causation is a medical question. Some doctors, no matter what work history you provide them, will say , “we all get arthritis,” and find your condition not to be work related. Other doctors, if given the proper history, documenting the length of time, the weights involved, and the quantity of lifting over the course of days, weeks, and years, may very well determine that the arthritis in the spine was advanced by work exposure.

Therefore, if you are thinking of retiring because of a bad back, you should make a point of consulting your doctor in this matter, especially if you are retiring early because of a back condition. You may be entitled to not only social security disability, but benefits under the worker’s compensation law for loss of earning capacity and even permanent total disability.

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