Five Dangerous Words: “Maybe It Will Get Better”

Steven Kluender

If you have the unfortunate experience of being injured at work, there are five words that should not run through your mind. These words, although tempting in the real world, will probably lead to a denial of your worker’s compensation claim, and possibly to the loss of your claim at hearing, if one becomes necessary.

These words will cause delay in reporting the injury, allowing the compensation carrier to claim you were injured somewhere else, casting doubt on your credibility by letting the carrier claim that anyone who is injured tells someone, usually a co-worker or the doctor, about it.

These words will make it difficult for you to recall accurately the date and the important circumstances surrounding your injury.

These words will allow the doctor hired by the workers' compensation carrier to cast doubt on the believability of what you say happened to you.

These words may make it difficult for your own doctor to link up your complaints to the incident that you believe caused your symptoms.

The five dangerous words: “Maybe it will get better.”

Always report your injuries accurately and when they happen. Although many injuries do get better, a substantial percentage continue to get worse. Non-reporting unnecessarily complicates your situation.

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