Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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When an injured person is successful in court against a personal injury wrongdoer, the court will award a judgment for the amount that the jury or judge has determined will compensate the injured person for the harm or damages suffered. Generally, the primary types of damages in a personal injury tort case that are recoverable are as follows:

  • Any physical and/or mental pain and suffering.
  • Past and future medical expenses incurred by the injured person.
  • Any lost wages or income and loss of future earning capacity.
  • Any physical disability, both temporary and permanent.
  • Any loss of value stemming from damage to property of the injured person or the amount of money necessary to repair the damaged property.
  • Any other types of provable, reasonable expenses stemming from the injury.

The spouse (and sometimes the children) of the injured person has a claim for loss of society and companionship.