Changing Jobs After an Injury

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How will my prior injury affect my new job?

Many employees find themselves changing employers after a workers’ compensation injury. If you were injured on the job but did not seriously pursue your workers’ compensation injury case, the time to quantify the extent of your injury is at the end of your employment, before you go to another employer. See your doctor and make sure he or she clearly states what your complaints are and if you have any permanent partial disability.

It is important that you take this precautionary measure. If you have new injuries or a flare-up with old injuries while at your new job, your new employer is going to attribute them to your old employment. Likewise, the old employer is going to attribute them to your new employment. You may be caught in the middle. You can minimize your problems by making sure that your symptoms from the first injury have been documented and quantified.

Employees who work in the trades with many different employers in a short period of time must pay close attention to how each new job affects their work-related injury. Report all symptoms accurately when you visit your doctor, along with the periods of time and what you are doing for each employer. This is the only way to protect yourself against controversy over liability for your claim among the various workers’ compensation carriers for your numerous employers.