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Verdicts and Settlements

Through legal knowledge and perseverance, our team of experienced and dedicated injury attorneys has obtained significant jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured people throughout Southern Wisconsin and the Fox River Valley. Here are some examples.

Information regarding past recoveries, verdicts, and settlements is for illustrative purposes only. Each lawsuit is different, and recovery is dependent upon the circumstances and facts of each case. This information is not a prediction, guarantee or promise that similar results can be obtained.

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Vehicle/transportation accidents

$13,900,000 Settlement for burn victims in an airplane crash.
$5,900,000 Waukesha County structured settlement for a driver who lost control of her vehicle as a result of debris left on the roadway by a paving contractor.
$4,800,000 Ozaukee County settlement for minor who was struck by a garbage truck while riding her bicycle.
$2,300,000 Kenosha County jury verdict for injuries sustained by an 11-year old boy who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing a street.
$1,750,000 Milwaukee County policy limits settlement.  Plaintiff was operating a motorcycle and had to suddenly stop for a passing police car with its lights on when she was rear-ended and severely injured.
$1,250,000 Brown County settlement for injuries sustained in an automobile rollover.
$1,200,000 Waukesha County settlement involving negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
$1,200,000 Dane County settlement involving negligent operation of a motor vehicle.
$596,000 Racine County settlement for construction worker who fractured spine while unloading steel beams from a tractor-trailer.
$550,000 Milwaukee County settlement for electrician who was injured in a motor vehicle accident while making a delivery to a job site.
$550,000 Milwaukee County settlement for spinal injury sustained in a collision while operating a service truck.

Product liability

$5,025,000 Milwaukee County jury verdict for a worker who sustained injuries when a vertical die casting machine failed due to a defective bearing.
$3,850,000 Milwaukee County jury verdict in product liability claim against General Motors for defective motor vehicle design leading to brain injury.
$2,400,000 Milwaukee County settlement for seriously injured driver of defective motor vehicle.
$1,800,000 Brown County settlement for a worker who lost a leg in a paper machine while working.
$1,800,000 Milwaukee County settlement for burn injuries sustained by three workers when a pavement marking truck exploded.
$1,400,000 Milwaukee County settlement for product liability claim against elevator manufacturer for putting defective elevator into stream of commerce, causing serious injuries to several ironworkers.
$900,000 Federal Court settlement for two workers who were injured when a temporary seal imploded on an industrial vacuum dryer, causing injuries to one and death to the other.
$900,000 Columbia County settlement against a motor vehicle company for failure to properly design seat belt for a minor child.
$650,000 Dane County jury verdict for a worker who sustained injuries as a result of a defective service truck.
$500,000 Polk County settlement for a mechanic against manufacturer of multi-piece wheel rims.

Premises liability

$825,000 Milwaukee County settlement. Plaintiff was a worker who suffered serious injuries from an explosion at Falk Corporation.
$710,000 Dane County jury verdict for defective business premises causing low back injury to a truck driver who had a significant history of chiropractic treatment prior to the accident.
$651,000 Jefferson County jury verdict against a contractor as a result of a student slipping and falling at school.
$631,000 Milwaukee County jury verdict against a restaurant for failing to maintain a safe parking lot as a result of which a vehicle slid out of control striking a pedestrian.
$550,000 Waukesha County settlement on behalf of a 6 year old child who sustained a finger amputation when an adult neighbor left a pruning saw unattended where children were playing.
$517,000 Dane County settlement for a laborer who was injured when a truck backed into him at a construction site.
$516,000 Milwaukee County verdict against Menard’s for refuse on the floor which caused an ironworker to fall and sustain back injuries.

Worker’s compensation

$395,000 Milwaukee County settlement for a driver who suffered a back injury when a load shifted on his flatbed trailer.
$340,000 Rock County settlement for Laborer who suffered a back injury.
$300,000 Settlement for UPS Mechanic who injured his low back lifting a brake drum.
$295,000 Milwaukee County settlement for 60 year old worker who suffered a neck injury.
$285,000 Milwaukee County decision for truck driver who slipped on ice injuring his back.
$255,000 Settlement for worker who sustained a neck injury.
$250,000 Settlement for machinist who sustained an occupational injury to her neck that required multiple surgeries over a period of ten years.
$250,000 Settlement for a truck driver who injured his low back unloading his truck.
$238,000 Wood County settlement involving a worker who sustained severe abdominal injuries while working as a cement truck driver.
$227,000 Settlement for UPS Mechanic who injured his low back replacing draw bar.
$210,000 Milwaukee County settlement for production worker who suffered a neck injury.
$205,000 Settlement for television cable installer who injured low back when the wind blew his ladder over.
$200,000 Waukesha County settlement for truck driver with back injury.

Employment Law

$535,000 Federal Court jury verdict for sexual harassment of a female union worker.
$197,000 Milwaukee County settlement for wrongful cancellation of a health insurance policy.
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