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The Workers’ Compensation Nurse

Must I cooperate with the workers’ comp nurse?

Sometimes an employer’s workers’ compensation insurer will assign a “rehabilitation nurse” to a case. Most workers mistakenly believe that they must allow the nurse to go with them to the doctor’s office for their visit.

This rehab nurse is really involved to monitor your case rather than to serve any true rehabilitation purpose. It is not mandatory that you accept one of these nurses. We have heard of situations where doctors send workers back to work sooner than the worker believes he is ready because the doctor does not want to deal with what he perceives as interference in treatment decisions. Some nurses have even followed workers into the examining room and sat through examinations.

It is our recommendation that you do not accept the services of this type of nurse. However, if you do, do not let the nurse go with you into the examination room with your doctor. This is your time with your doctor. If the doctor is getting frustrated with the nurse’s being around, tell the comp carrier you do not want the nurse any more.