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ERISA Collection

ERISA benefit fund collection

The Previant Law Firm, S.C. has a full-time ERISA collection practice to collect delinquent fringe benefit contributions on behalf of multi-employer health, pension and training funds among others. We represent funds throughout the upper Midwest, including funds sponsored on behalf of the Carpenters, Bricklayers, Laborers, Painters, Sheet Metal Workers, Electrical Workers, Teamsters, Roofers and others. Our practice is nationally recognized, serving as local counsel for many of the International funds located in Washington, D.C. The collection practice is primarily handled by three attorneys, John J. Brennan, Christopher J. Ahrens and Kathryne A. Breitlow.

All of our collection counsel are licensed to practice in the State of Wisconsin and are fully versed in the local lien and garnishment laws. The practice regularly collects between $3 and $5 million in delinquent contributions, interest and damages on an annual basis,  providing a return to our clients of more than $5 for every dollar spent by the Funds. The collection team also regularly attends Trustee meetings and provides written and oral reports on outstanding delinquency cases and related issues.

As Trustees of ERISA multi-employer fringe benefit funds are charged by law with the duty to take “reasonable, systematic and diligent” efforts to collect outstanding delinquencies owed to their members and participants, our firm regularly provides legal services to meet that standard, including the review, development and implementation of collection policies and procedures, audit programs and administrative follow-up, aggressive use of lien notices and claims under the Wisconsin construction lien law, assertion of bond claims where applicable, negotiation of amenable payment terms with delinquent employers within Department of Labor guidelines, protection of fund claims in bankruptcy proceedings and execution on judgments.

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