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The Previant Law firm’s top attorneys explain and clarify some of the most prevalent topics pertaining to personal injury and employment law. Browse the listings below to listen to an excerpt from The Previant Legal Show on Newsradio 620WTMJ. Want to hear more? Click here to listen to the full shows from this as well as past weeks or tune in to listen live Saturdays at noon.

11-23-13 Dave wants to know why an insurance company can drop you after having too many roadside assistance claims.

11-09-13 Gina and her daughter were recently involved in a car accident. Despite having the right-of-way the insurance company claims they are partially responsible.

10-26-13-1 Phillip has a friend that works for a trucking company. His wages can vary each hour depending on the type of contract the company has.

10-26-13-2 Darren has a friend that works weekends and OT but doesn’t get paid extra when he works more than 40 hours a week.

10-26-13-3 Amy has a friend that makes salary, but her hours were recently increased from 45 to nearly 60 a week yet the salary was left the same.

10-19-13 John wants to know what rights someone who has been fired might have.

10-12-13 Anna’s husband was forced by his employer to resign from his union membership in order to keep his job.

10-05-13 Rick wants to know what “reservation of rights” means after being involved in an auto accident.

09-28-13 Lou sometimes has to stay late at work to finish a project and doesn’t get overtime for it. He wants to know if his boss is able to do this.

09-21-13 Forced to take an unpaid lunch? Hear how Wisconsin law treats workday breaks.

08-24-13 Injured on the job and getting the runaround from your company? Questions about workers comp.

08-17-13 Diane has questions about her workers comp disability claim.

08-10-13 – Starting a New Job and Protecting Your Rights to Your Client List

08-03-13 – Are You Paid Improperly for the Hours Worked?

07-27-13 What are Your Legal Rights to Fair Pay for Hours Worked?

07-20-13 Understanding Worker’s Compensation Claims

07-13-13 Learn Something from Summer Recreational Tragedy Statistics

07-06-13 Social Media and your employer. Guidance on what to post and what to keep to yourself.

06-29-13 Independent Contractor Rights

06-22-13 Arbitration Contracts

06-15-13 Right to Privacy about Medical Conditions at Work

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