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Supreme Court Limits Reach of “Substantial Fault” Disqualifier for Unemployment Benefits

Sara Geenen
Written by: Sara Geenen

In 2015, the Wisconsin legislature amended unemployment insurance laws to make it more difficult for terminated workers to obtain unemployment benefits, disqualifying them from benefits if they were terminated for “substantial fault,” or “acts or omissions of an employee over which the employee exercised reasonable control and which violate reasonable requirements of the employee’s employer.” […]

Jury Finds Insurance Agents to be Employees

Yingtao Ho
Written by: Yingtao Ho

  In the case of Jammal v. American Family Mutual Insurance in the Northern District of Ohio, a group of American Family insurance agents sued claiming that they are employees within the meaning of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, so that they are entitled to sue for statutory benefits against American Family.  […]

Seventh Circuit is the First to Rule Sexual Orientation Discrimination Violates Title VII

Marianne Robbins
Written by: Marianne Robbins

On April 3, 2017, a courageous en banc decision by the Seventh Circuit authored by Chief Judge Wood, held in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College of Indian that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, reversing the three judge panel and creating a conflict with several […]

Nurses Becoming Patients: Common Healthcare Workers Injuries

Casey Shorts
Written by: Casey Shorts

Healthcare professionals have some of the most important jobs in America. Doctors, nurses and healthcare facility staff provide critical services to patients in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, hospice centers and in-home treatment. Additionally, the healthcare field is one of the fastest growing job markets in America. Unfortunately, healthcare workers are one of the most […]

Employers Cannot Discriminate Based on Arrest Record

Sara Geenen
Written by: Sara Geenen

Job applications can be intimidating. They ask applicants to specify why they left their previous employment, they ask about rate of pay, and sometimes they even ask essay questions. While these questions often provide pause, an even greater issue arises when the job application asks about arrest and conviction record. Applicants want to present themselves […]

Can a Bankruptcy Court “Leap Frog” Workers’ Priorities When It Dismisses a Case?

Frederick Perillo
Written by: Frederick Perillo

The Supreme Court held today that a bankruptcy court cannot approve a settlement as part of a “structured dismissal” of a case if the settlement “leap frogs” over workers’ priority claims.  The decision in Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp. is an important victory for workers in bankruptcy cases. Sun Capital purchased Jevic as part of […]

What money can I recover from a personal injury claim?

David McCormick
Written by: David McCormick

A personal injury claim can be comprised of various types of damages. Because of our reputation and experience we are typically successful in settling our client’s cases without the need for litigation. However, when analyzing the settlement value of a case, it is useful to consider that a typical jury verdict requires the jurors to […]

Investigating Grievances Through Information Requests

Frederick Perillo
Written by: Frederick Perillo

One of the major advantages of a collective bargaining agreement is the ability of the union to arbitrate grievances.  The National Labor Relations Act provides the union an inexpensive and effective way to investigate many of these claims. More than 60 years ago, the Supreme Court held that if a claim is raised by a […]

How does an off-duty DUI or Serious Traffic Violation affect my CDL?

Frederick Perillo
Written by: Frederick Perillo

Federal regulations disqualify a CDL holder for violations committed in his or her personal vehicle.  These violations include alcohol or drug convictions, but also other serious events, such as railroad-crossing violations. A CDL holder must be disqualified if he or she is convicted of a drug or alcohol related offense in a personal vehicle, such […]

Illness vs. Serious Health Condition: What kinds of absences are FMLA protected and when?

Sara Geenen
Written by: Sara Geenen

Cold and flu season is upon us – but how sick is too sick to work? And, what kind of illness do you have in order to be eligible for and protected by FMLA leave? While some municipalities and states are enacting legislation that provide workers with paid and protected time off work for minor […]

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