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The Previant Law Firm Obtains Jury Verdict More Than Six Times The Amount Offered by the Insurance Company

Casey Shorts
Written by: Casey Shorts

As most people know, personal injury cases are typically settled out of court.  At The Previant Law Firm, settlement offers are generally high as we have a strong reputation for trying cases and keeping insurance companies honest.  When an insurance company is low balling a client by offering too little compensation to settle a claim the decision to take the case to trial is an easy one.

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This past week, The Previant Law Firm tried a personal injury case in front of a Waukesha County jury.  In this case, The Previant Law Firm represented a 33-year-old man involved in a truck versus truck collision, where the Plaintiff collided with a truck that attempted to make a left turn in front of his vehicle.  The collision was severe and both trucks were totaled.  The Plaintiff suffered a low back injury and ultimately his treating orthopedic surgeon concluded that as a result of the collision the Plaintiff had an annular tear at his L5-S1 disc in his lumbar spine.  The Plaintiff did not require surgery or permanent work restrictions; however, his orthopedic surgeon opined that the Plaintiff would have permanent low back pain and require future physical therapy two weeks a year for the rest of his life.

Before filing suit and throughout litigation, the insurance company continually offered $15,000.00 to resolve all claims.  At trial, the jury assigned 100% fault on the Defendant driver and awarded the Plaintiff $93,000.00 in damages—$78,000.00 more than the settlement offer and more than 6 times the amount offered to settle the Plaintiff’s claim.

For over 100 years, the Previant Law Firm has been fighting hard for working people like you.  If you have been injured and have questions regarding a personal injury claim, please contact The Previant Law Firm as soon as possible. Call 414-203-0514 or visit our web site at, the initial consultation is free.

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